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Welcome to the website of Hellenic Karatedo Shitokai.

Hellenic Karate-Do Shitokai is a branch of World Shitoryu Karatedo Federation (W.S.K.F.) It is a nonprofit corporation, which was established as a legal body for the purpose of spreading authentic Shitoryu Karate-do in Greece.

Also Hellenic Karate-Do Shitokai cooperates with other branches of European countries to enlarge members of W.S.K.F. in Europe. As the basic policy, this nonprofit corporation takes part only in the events that are organized by W.S.K.F. members, likewise it invites only W.S.K.F. members. Nevertheless, in case anyone who wishes to learn authentic Shitoryu Karate-do, or to become a member of W.S.K.F., we warmly welcome to join us.

Hellenic Karate-Do Shitokai follows faithfully the ideal of Ryuso (the founder) Kenwa Mabuni and All Japan Karatedo Shitokai, such as cultivation of personalities through the learning of techniques, as well as contribution to the society in enrichment of one’s life.

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